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Training to Fit Your Needs

Training tailored to younger athletes working on balance, technique and coordination. Incorporating speed and agility and a technical aspect of the game using approachable drills.

Training for older athletes working on the technical and tactical aspects of the game with more advanced drills.

Training for large groups or small teams using competitive drills, teaching both technical and tactical strategies for teams.


About Elite International

We are so excited to introduce you to our new indoor ELITE INTERNATIONAL SOCCER TRAINING in Nampa, Idaho. ​​


We know as former professional and collegiate soccer players that the weather conditions in Idaho do not allow our youth players the time on the ball that is needed for competing with local and national teams. We also know that being indoor with a small space allows the player to learn the technical and tactical positioning that is essential to master on the playing field. Maneuvering the body in tight conditions on the field is extremely important to compete at the highest level of soccer. At our Elite Soccer Training facility, athletes will learn to be the best versions of themselves both on and off the field. 



We love hearing about how our athletes and parents enjoy their experience here! 

Coach Julio is amazing! He is a very talented individual.He portrays great leadership and teaching materials that are easy for my daughter to understand. He took his time and explained everything verbally and visually which really helped her. Coach Julio has made my daughter love the sport even more than she already did. I recommend coach Julio 100%. Thank you, coach Julio. We appreciate everything!

Kari De La Parra

We finally got into our first class with elite international soccer and we are already signing up our 2-year-old for the next 2. Grayson loved his teammates, the age-appropriate games, and lessons and coach Mariah & Julio. The coaches were so patient, informative,  and really encouraged the parents to interact which our son loved! You’ve got lifers! Thank you guys again!

John Jue

Thank you so much. Trilly absolutely loved soccer and you guys were amazing coaches and so good with the kids. We will definitely sign her up for a future class! 

Eloise Smith

Meet your Coaches
Licensed soccer coaches & NASM certified trainers and Sports Performance Coaches. 


Julio Castillo

Two-time NCAA Division II All American 2015 GNAC Offensive Player of the Year


Mariah Castillo

Former collegiate soccer player from The College of Idaho.

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