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Soccer Training for Kids

Soccer Tots - 6 Week Training Series!

Are you looking to introduce your child to the exciting world of soccer? Are they curious about the sport and want to dip their toes into the game before making a full commitment to a league or club team? Look no further than our Soccer Tots 6-week training series, specially designed for beginners and kids eager to explore the fundamentals of soccer in a fun and enriching environment!

What to Expect

Over the course of six weeks, your child will embark on an unforgettable soccer journey. Our expert coaches have carefully crafted a curriculum that focuses on teaching the essential techniques and building a solid foundation in soccer, all while ensuring the emphasis remains on fun and enjoyment. After all, the best way to learn is through play!

Who is it for

The Soccer Tots training series is catered to youngsters who are new to soccer and want to develop a passion for the sport. It's also ideal for kids who want to gain some exposure to soccer before committing to a more competitive league or club team. The sessions are designed to be inclusive and nurturing, welcoming all skill levels with open arms.


Training Approach

Throughout the six weeks, your kids will be engaged in a variety of soccer-enriched games and drills that make learning enjoyable and rewarding. We believe in fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere where every child feels comfortable to express themselves and grow as a player.

Our dedicated coaches will be there every step of the way, ensuring each child receives personalized attention and guidance, helping them understand the core concepts of soccer. From dribbling and passing to shooting and teamwork, every session will be a well-rounded learning experience.

What to Bring

To make the most of the training sessions, we kindly request that your kids come prepared wearing indoor soccer shoes or comfortable tennis shoes. Appropriate footwear is essential to ensure safety and optimal performance during the activities.

Why Choose Soccer Tots

  • Experienced Coaches: Our coaches are not only skilled in soccer but are also adept at working with young children, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective.

  • Fun-Centric Approach: We understand that kids learn best when they're having fun. Our carefully designed games and drills ensure that your child will be learning with a smile on their face.

  • Fundamental Skills: Soccer Tots focuses on teaching the core techniques and building a strong foundation in soccer, setting your child up for success in the sport.

  • Low-Pressure Environment: We emphasize a non-competitive and supportive environment, fostering confidence and a love for soccer.


Prepare your child for an exciting adventure in soccer with our Soccer Tots 6-week training series. Whether they are brand new to the sport or eager to explore it further, our sessions will give them the perfect introduction to the world's most beloved game. Sign up now, and let the fun and learning begin!

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